We offer a range of products as well as custom made applications.

Enterprise applications

We develop applications tailored to the enterprise customer's needs using the latest technology.

web development

E-commerce applications using platforms such as Magento, as well as content management systems.

Support & outsourcing

We can provide highly trained personnel suited for your programming needs.


Products developed for our clients.


A complete call center solution designed to fit the needs of our customer, Apa Canal, an utilities company, composed of a software PBX with Interactive Voice Response and a customer service management application with as much of the time consuming tasks automated

Enterprise Applications

denBreejen - Nehalennia

An application developed for the romanian branch of the company, designed to be a time tracker as well as a personnel managent application coupled with business intelligence components.

Enterprise Applications


Developed for a real estate agency to help manage properties, clients and automatically match clients to properties, as well as supplying data for the web site.

Enterprise applications

Doctor Plan

A medical office management application, helping the medical personnel manage pacients and appointments.

Enterprise applications

An e-commerce application developed on the Magento platform with custom modules and components for a large military equipment manufacturer in Romania.

Web design

A radio's station website developed for online streaming.

Web design

SMS Provider

We come to the rescue helping companies send SMS to their customers from their applications by providing an API with many features. All our clients are offerd the service in the applications that they develop with us.


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